My Story

Hi! My Name is Gretch. I am the co-owner and creative director of Delicate Greative.

I love creating things with my hands since I was a little girl. When I was in my primary school, I used to overkill my projects and make sure my projects are not simple but excellent and extravagant.

I love making things beautiful. That includes: makeups, handcrafts, prints, decorations, invitations, websites and more, but I must admit, my standards are high. Nothing less than my best effort will do, especially when it’s for someone else.

I’ve always loved sharing my creations with others. And I always feel relax and free every time I am doing my crafts. It’s like a therapy and spa to me. I’ll make sure that every detail is well taken care of.

I’ve taken this passion for creative excellence to everything we do at Delicate Greative, where we create diaper cakes and towel cakes at affordable price but with good quality material that guarantees your satisfaction.